The Australian Writers Centre

I have begun some work with the AWC on presenting courses on How to Write a Picture Book.

The course is tightly structured and takes us from the beginning of the genre to the current day - explaining and exploring many of the structure and techniques needed along the way. It covers the writing process, editing, submitting work to a publisher and so on.

It's a real pivaledge to work with new writers, to share some of the joys and frustrations of this particular genre. The weekend includes a great deal of chat and some exercises - but most of all offers a supportive environment to discuss writing, to share with other passionate writers, to try and pin down that story - and then to try to make it sing!

Details on the course can be found on the website of the Australian Writers centre. I teach the course based in Perth.

Education and Festivals

Occasionally I am invited to attend some wonderful festivals and do workshops with students.

These can be custom built to support something specific, can be about a specific book ( preferably one of mine! ) or just general writing sessions.

Drop me a line if you would like further information.