Lola’s Toybox

on Aug 17, 2016

Lola's Toybox

A Series for Young Readers

By Danny Parker

"Toby always wore a was most useful"

When Lola is given an old toy box, she discovers it’s a magical passageway …

To a world where toys come to life! Do teddy bears really have picnics? Are plastic toys really nastier than soft ones? Follow Lola and her trusty but rather wonky learn-to-dress clown, Buddy, on their adventures in the Kingdom, where toys live when they aren’t being played with in the real world.

An exciting new series that celebrates the magic and wonder of a child’s imagination.

Beautiful and unique series design with carefully typeset pages, stunning illustrations and word-art will not only appeal to young readers, but help to increase enjoyment and understand to boost their reading confidence.