Perfect Year

on Nov 14, 2014

The perfect end to a picture book writer’s year, has to be seeing your story turned into such beautiful and heartwarming images. The most wonderful Freya Blackwood has taken my little text PERFECT and made it…well.. perfect – I think. Can’t wait to see this book, early next year. And what a year it will be. With luck and a fair wind I’ll have two picture books released in 2015, and the first four books in a new series too. LOLA’S TOYBOX.


I have just received the first drawings for CRUSTS – a book about a little boy who saves his crusts – then saves the world…obviously. It’ll be another Matt Ottley masterpiece. As 2014 draws to an end I count myself the luckiest author in the world – to have my stories illustrated by two such magicians.

Have a lovely Christmas – and a happy, healthy new year. Thank you for reading.

– Danny.