No Kind Of Superman

on Jan 30, 2014

There's lots I'd change
Lots I wish was different
But not you
You are the light in my life

No Kind of Superman

By Danny Parker
Illustrated by Matt Ottley

This is the first of my stories to make it into print. It follows the relationship between a boy and his father. Dad isn’t so good at the domestic things – but wears his heart on his sleeve in his devotion to his son.

The story was written when my own son was having difficulty fitting in to a new school – I so wanted to live that pain and uncertainty for him - so he wouldn’t have to. But of course you can’t.

Matt Ottley has done a superb job in bringing out the comedy in this little text, and also in giving the message a profound feel where necessary. Matt and I spent many happy hours chatting through the possibilities for images.

I hope that some of the charm in this book comes from it being a dad’s voice, and speaking honestly about the hopes and fears we all share.